Our Movement


Currently, there are 21 – 30 million slaves around the world. Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar human black market industry making it the second largest crime in the world. 70% of the female victims are trafficked for prostitution. Poverty and lack of economic opportunities are the leading cause of slavery.

Our Solution

RIJI Green practices responsible business stewardship by valuing both people and planet. We partner with non-profit organizations and businesses that train and hire survivors of human trafficking and those at risk of being trafficked. We provide access to market opportunities for their products and donate a portion of the profits back to organizations that combat human trafficking.

Made by At Risk and Survivors of Human Sex Trafficking

Providing economic opportunities for women can really help communities and society to thrive and break the cycle of poverty and human trafficking. Especially for women, they reinvest their income into their children’s health and education.

Beyond Fair Trade

The women receive fair wages, health care, daycare, literacy and budget training and a support system to help restore and rebuild their lives to thrive.


In addition to being socially conscious, RIJI Green is also eco-friendly by using recycled and natural materials such as jute and organic cotton. We also use high quality eco-friendly water-based inks.


Without our customers, survivors cannot prosper with integrity. Your purchases offer hope for people who were once oppressed and abused for profit. Now the survivors and their children no longer live in poverty and fear. RIJI Green customers are Ambassadors of Freedom and Dignity. Thank you for being part of their lives and movement to end 21st century slavery.