Be Part of the Solution to End Slavery!

  • Interested in Volunteer or Internship that Makes A Difference? We are on the mission to change the world and looking for like-minded, high quality people to join us. We will challenge your abilities and expand your skills. The ideal candidate is excited about the cause we are fighting and want to see a slave free world through innovation and encouraging responsible consumerism.
Come and be part of our family and movement! For more information email [email protected]
  • Empower survivors of modern day slavery to thrive by purchasing their products and bringing awareness on modern-day slavery at your Conference, Fundraiser, Event, Promotional Giveaway, School, Community, Church, Wedding, Workplace, Shop, Home – the opportunities are endless!
  • Order RIJI Green customize bags and T-shirts for your events.
  • Wholesale and fundraising items are available and you keep 50% or more of the proceeds. Minimum order is 50 items. Please email [email protected] for more information.
  • National Trafficking Hotline 
 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
 If you see something, report it. You may set someone free from oppression to freedom! 
All calls are confidential!
  • Shop & Empower trafficking survivors with RIJI Green products
  • Use RIJI Green products for your Events and Fundraisers!
  • Ask your Senator or Representative to support policies and funds to combat human trafficking.