About Us

Our Mission

RIJI Green is a business committed to end slavery in our lifetime through economic empowerment. To build a slave free world where people can work and live in freedom and dignity.

We are passionate, energetic, motivated abolitionists on a mission to educate people about the ugliness of 21st century slavery. There is joy and hope in eliminating human trafficking by providing survivors fair trade dignified jobs. The women reinvest the money back into their children’s health and education. Freedom is passed on to many generations to come.

RIJI Green producers receive fair wages, health care, daycare, literacy training and a support system to help restore and rebuild their lives. In addition to being socially responsible, RIJI Green is also eco-friendly using recycled, natural, and organic materials and high quality water-based, eco-friendly inks.

RIJI Green Promises to Customers

  • Empower human trafficking survivors through Fair Trade
  • ECO-Friendly Products
  • A portion of our profits are donated to organizations combating human trafficking

About Anna Leung

Anna Leung, President of RIJI Green, was an active abolitionist for six years before developing the RIJI Green business. She worked with survivors, governments, and NGOs to fight human trafficking. Anna is very passionate about growing RIJI Green into a sustainable business to provide economic empowerment directly to the survivors of human trafficking. She believes in responsible business stewardship and providing opportunities for consumers to contribute a solution to a global problem through responsible consumerism.

She strongly believes in the power of partnerships necessary to eradicate the second largest crime in the world- human trafficking. Her love for people and planet led her to rock climbed 27 routes to bring awareness about the existance of 27 million slaves around the world and raised over $5000 for DC Stop Modern Slavery 2010 annual walk!

Anna is an avid non-fiction reader and loves to compost. After a rainy day, she enjoys searching for earthworms with her kids to feed their chickens and put earthworms in their vegetable and fruit garden.