“The bags are a great quality and very trendy for a handy grocery bag. The big bonus is the story behind the bags in how they help women in slavery be free and work for their income in a safe environment. I also like how we can customized anything we would like on the bags and mix and match the material to offer a variety for our customers. I would highly advise anyone who does not carry them to bring them in for the increased sales and to support a wonderful cause. Anna is also a dream to work with and has a true passion for her company’s core values.”


WFM Logo

“We are so excited about what RIJI Green is doing! They are providing a quality product at a great price, but most importantly they are providing hope for the hopeless. How awesome is it that we can provide a product for consumers to buy and by doing so they are helping to abolish slavery. We love knowing that by using RIJI Green we are helping to provide jobs for women who might otherwise be selling themselves to survive. We are helping those who are in need and is that not the heart of the Father. Thank You RIJI Green for all you are doing!”
Tenth Avenue North

“I love giving RIJI Green merchandise as gifts! I have given many of the bags to children and adults and everyone loves them because they are so lovely and they support such a great cause. I love the fact that I am purchasing gifts that also spread awareness about global slavery and contribute to a cause that I am passionate about. I love my RIJI Green bag as well – I take it almost everywhere!”
-Karen King

“My RIJI Green bag has become a vehicle for me to not only support the organization’s cause with my business but also to tell others about human trafficking. I purchased the bright yellow bumblebee felt bag with the hope that it would draw attention and comments, thereby giving me the opportunity to briefly share the plight of human trafficking and what RIJI Green is doing to combat it. It worked! Almost every time I go out wearing it, people comment, and I inform. Their response is often surprise and then interest in the company. Thank you for a great purpose, product and opportunity to be involved in this worthy battle!”
-Kim Hyland