What Makes My Heart Sing

RIJI Green’s seed began, when I was helping a human trafficking survivor, *Lucy to reintegrate back into society. I taught her literacy and budget skills. But most importantly, being her friend whom she can trust. Lucy was trafficked twice for prostitution. I was so shocked and asked “How could you be trafficked twice?” Lucy shared her personal story with me. She struggled being a single mom living in poverty in Mexico. She was so desperate and hopeful to create a better future for her son that she became an easy target for traffickers.

The second time around, her trafficker, was a friend, who recommended her a restaurant job in the United States. Lucy leaped for that opportunity. She had her mother take care of her son in Mexico. The restaurant job turned out to be a brothel. There are 21-30 million slaves around the world today. Majority of them are women and children trafficked for the sex industry.

You see, my passion is to see slavery end, but what makes my heart sing, is to know RIJI Green is providing a real solution to prevent human sex trafficking through economic empowerment and prevent slavery from happening to the children of the survivors. This is generational freedom instead of generational slavery, which exist.

RIJI Green is honored to use our profits to support non-profits providing legal services for survivors of human trafficking. They put traffickers in jail and send a message, “traffickers cannot bully and profit from the poor & vulnerable men, women and children and get away with it.” Having traffickers in jail prevents and protects other susceptible people from slavery.

Out of darkness, there is hope and justice. RIJI Green is part of a network solution to end human trafficking. You can also be part of that network by being a responsible consumer, change maker, and 21st century abolitionist.

Helping people and saving the planet are part of RIJI Green’s core values. For RIJI Green, selling more high quality eco-friendly products is not about revenue, it translate how many more at risk and survivors of human trafficking we can help by hiring them. Economic empowerment is the most sustainable long-term solution to break the cycle of poverty and slavery.

Go make a difference. Shop to Empower.